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First Song

2009-06-19 19:04:55 by jamalrocks2012

Heh heh, I finally got around to writing a song and actually recording it. It's my first and it is a little sloppy, but at least i made it. I played all the instruments, guitar, bass, and drums. There will be more in the future. Here it is.

Game Critic

2009-05-28 07:18:41 by jamalrocks2012

I've decided to become a game critic on Newgrounds. I've been going through the top 10 lists and the "Under Judgement" games and rating them.

New to Newgrounds

2009-05-25 20:36:50 by jamalrocks2012

Pretty kool stuff you guys got goin, though i could do without some advertising and "trial" versions