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New to Newgrounds

2009-05-25 20:36:50 by jamalrocks2012

Pretty kool stuff you guys got goin, though i could do without some advertising and "trial" versions


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2009-05-25 20:40:21

Is that a Terrible Towel in the background. i make those for a living. hum i wonder if it is one of the ones i made.

jamalrocks2012 responds:

dude, that's awesome! where do you work? go stillers!


2009-05-25 20:41:34

let the trolling commence
prepare to be spammed, insulted, and disgusted as the troll that were rejected from 4chan find you and verbally rip you apart.
Enjoy and have fun.

jamalrocks2012 responds:

funny that, if anyone spams me, insults me, or disgusts me, they're banned


2009-05-26 19:44:45

Hey welcome to newgrounds!

jamalrocks2012 responds:

thx man