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2009-05-28 07:18:41 by jamalrocks2012

I've decided to become a game critic on Newgrounds. I've been going through the top 10 lists and the "Under Judgement" games and rating them.


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2009-05-28 07:39:40

Technically isn't everyone a critic on NewGrounds?

jamalrocks2012 responds:

Eh, there are gamers, game creators, people like that, but pretty much, i guess.


2009-05-28 08:01:10

to answer5 your last question were i work was on espn. CRI in chippewa falls wis.
and to reply to this post. i was a gam critic/ testor for 3m like more than 10 years ago. Newton Work's was the one i tested for 3M. it had way to many issues. things were where they shoul not of been and somethings were just missing. i tested it for months.

jamalrocks2012 responds:

Dude, that's awesome!